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Carpenter AntsCarpenter ants often nest and breed in decaying wood. A tell tale sign of their activity is the "frass" or sawdust like product they leave behind when channelling into timber. In nature, carpenter ants are beneficial as they help break down dead wood, returning it to the soil. Unfortunately, carpenter ants look at your home as just a big pile of dead wood ready to be turned it into compost. As far as they're concerned you're living in their world but Guardian is here and ready to defend it! We have a variety of treatment methods and programs. We may use baits, dusts or non-repellent liquid sprays and will design a service program based on your needs. During the treatment we perform a visual inspection of the property and provide you with our observations and recommendations: such as pointing out leaks or water problems that may contribute to carpenter ant infestations. Whether you live in the suburbs of Rehoboth, Wrentham or Barrington, or the cities of Fall River, Attleboro or Taunton, carpenter ants may be your most costly pest problem. Give us a call today and we'll protect your investment from becoming a pile of sawdust.