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Asian Lady BeetlesOccasional invaders are pests that really don't infest your home: that is they don't feed or breed indoors but are only looking for a place to crash for the winter. Sometimes they congregate in great numbers and really become a nuisance. They usually enter a structure in the fall and leave in the first warm days of spring. Because of indoor heating these pests may become active and be seen by homeowners in the middle of winter, often near windows. Some common occasional invaders in Massachusetts and Rhode Island are Asian lady beetles, western conifer seed bugs ("stink bugs"), box elder bugs, and cluster flies. Prevention is the key to controlling these pests. Once they establish themselves for the season there's not much to be done but vacuum them up. A good maintenance program recommendation would be to treat the building exterior in late summer/early fall to prevent large numbers of these pests entrance. Please call Guardian Pest Control before these pests establish themselves so we can design a preventive treatment program for you.