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Yellow JacketsYellow jackets are a type of paper wasp and tend to build their nests inside structural voids such as those found in roof soffits, walls, ceilings or under exterior siding. Unlike the honeybee, these highly social insects are capable of stinging multiple times as they aggresively defend their nests. Much of the time these nests are not discovered until they've become quite large and dangerous. Old nests, built in protected places, may be reused and expanded, producing up to 100,000 or more yellow jacket offspring. Because yellow jacket nests are usually inaccessible, homeowners often make the mistake of sealing up their exterior entrance holes. Unfortunately, this well intended act can create just the opposite outcome: a house filled with an angry swarm trying to find a way out. With our tools and experience Guardian Pest Control can eliminate this hazard from your home. Call us today!